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After School Nanny Hive

For Families

Flexible after school rolling childcare for London families.

We will match you with a nanny who will stay with you for a minimum of 2 weeks after which she will work on a weekly rolling basis. If she leaves we will replace her with a new nanny.


You can choose to hire a nanny for 15 to 30 hours per week.


Costs - £16.50 to £17.50 per hour plus an agency fee of £10 per day.

For Nannies

Flexible working whilst job searching. 

You'll care for school aged children for 3 to 6 hours per day Monday to Friday. You'll need to hit the ground running, have a great sense of initiative and be energetic!

We ask our nannies to commit to 2 weeks with each new family. After which 1 weeks notice can be given if your circumstances change. 

We offer £16.50 per hour, increasing to £17.50 per hour once you have been in placements with the After School Nanny Hive for 4 weeks (and have good feedback from families).

Frequently asked questions

Will I get to meet my nanny before she starts?

It's up to you! Some families choose to video interview their nanny before she starts, others like to meet in person.

How disruptive is it changing nanny so frequently?

We take the hassle out of it. We create a family hand book which details your childrens routine, likes and dislikes, afterschool clubs, emergency contacts, 'musts and must nots', house details, cooking information and so much more!

Will my nanny stay for more than 2 weeks?

Maybe! Often our nannies will stay for a whole term or even longer depending on their situation.

How do I pay my nanny?

Your nanny will invoice you at the end of the week and you pay her directly.

Sofia, London

Wonderful to deal with and found us a perfect nanny within a few days, completely hassle free.

G & F, Buckinghamshire

Amazing service, always very quick at responding to emails and found us a great temp nanny who has been able to take over the home schooling during lockdown.

June, London

The booking procedure was fast and easy, and we were offered a good selection of brilliant nannies. We really felt that Beehive knew what we needed and delivered.