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Nanny Payroll

Imagine coming home after an exhausting day, tackling the domestic tasks, kids’ homework, bedtime etc then having to knuckle down to doing your nanny’s payroll. Or having to forego part of your weekend to ensure that your nannies wages are paid on time.

Soul-destroying, tedious, tiresome.

That can undoubtedly be the case if you’re not a full-time payroll professional but instead someone trying to bolt it on to the rest of a hectic life.

This is the situation for most busy families who have already decided to simplify life by employing someone to take care of the things they don’t have the time or capacity for at home. Whether that’s cleaning, childcare or helping with elderly parents. What they fail to factor in is the additional admin required once you move into the realms of becoming an employer. When that penny drops, the full ramifications of dealing with an employee’s pension, statutory payments such as sick pay or maternity pay plus their legal obligations as an employer, can suddenly become quite overwhelming, especially for someone who is not used to dealing with these sorts of issues.

That’s when they make the strategic decision to take payroll out of the equation because time is precious for so many families with busy lives.

Family Payroll, a payroll company specialising in helping families who employ someone in the home, is run by two hardworking mums who have the lived experience to identify with the needs of the busy families they work with.

While each client (family) probably only has a single employee as opposed to an extensive workforce, the principle is the same – eliminating hassle and providing a warm, bespoke service tailored to individual needs. Delegating payroll to a qualified professional means freeing up head space and precious time for families by taking care of everything payroll-related so they can focus on other things rather than complicated admin.

For more information visit the Family Payroll website or follow them on LinkedIn.


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