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Questions to ask yourself when hiring a Nanny

Do I require a full-time or part-time nanny?

Should my nanny be live-in or live-out?  If live-in, what accommodation can I offer?

What is my weekly budget for the nanny?

What days and hours do I need my nanny to work?

Do I need my nanny to babysit a couple of nights per weeks?

Do I need a driver?

Will you need your nanny to travel abroad with your family?

Would a manny (male nanny) fit in with my family?

Do I want a bilingual nanny?

Is this a shared care or sole charge position?

Would I like my nanny to hold childcare qualifications or am I happy to have a nanny that has a lots of practical experience?

If you have further questions about hiring a nanny, feel free to contact us we are always happy to help, your family is our priority.

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