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What is a Nanny Share?⁠

A nanny share is when a nanny’s time is shared between two families. This can either be the nanny taking care of children at the same time, or the nanny might split their working hours between the families.⁠


💸 Each family can expect to save around a third of the cost of a nanny that worked for the family alone. The nanny can expect to earn around a third of the cost if she just worked for one family.⁠

👩‍👧‍👦 It is great for families with an only child as their child will send time with another child this can foster their social development. ⁠

🕖 A nanny share can be a flexible option. Nurseries and other childcare options often have strict policies on hours and holidays, a nanny share can fit around a families needs. ⁠


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