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Where are the Au Pairs?⁠

👉 We have had an influx of request from parents looking for a new Au Pair. Pre 2021 Au Pairs were very easy to find online via sites such as aupairworld, Brexit has led to a shortage of Au Pairs resulting in the once affordable childcare option becoming a things of the past. ⁠

'The current regulations mean that the only foreign nationals who can work as au pairs are either Europeans who arrived in the UK before Brexit or nationals from nine counties that include Canada, Australia and Japan under a youth mobility scheme.'⁠

'The pool of candidates from these remaining countries does not come close to filling the usual demand for 45,000 au pairs in the UK every year, the British Au Pair Agencies Association has said.' @france24

📢 If you have a good Au Pair, hold on to him/her as it is becoming increasingly rare to find another!⁠


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